Welcome fellow WOW nuts!

I plan to use this blog to help you learn what i have, and that is how to have fun and make gold in game without spending too much RW (Real World) cash!

If you have the funds, then many guides out there are a valuable investment, and i recommend a few of them, however if you as i do have some basic common sense you can learn to develope a system that makes generating gold very simple and you can spend more time playing for fun, and to level.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Synergy among toons!

I now have 2 toons gathering mats while I level them, for now I have my primary gatherers as my 57 hunter, and my DK they gather material to distribute to alts who I have make items that I can sell at the AH, soon I will switch at least one profession on the dk to blacksmithing most likely, so that I can get into the upper range of items to make.

Right now I am limited with the few hours that i play to making 300-800 G per week, once I decide to level the BS of my DK, I should max that profession out within a few days, and be able to make extremely rare items, and up my in game income to a few thousand/week.

If you read this and want to learn more, let me know, I will be glad to chat and discuss some of what I have learned.

Monday, March 2, 2009

gold is getting faster!

so i had to take a break from my playing for a few days, but before i left, i got my inscriptionists skill up and also my engineer, and blacksmiths.

I made a few rare items, and placed them in the ah, and then logged off.

so what did i find a few days later when i logged in...

237G, man thats nice, and now i can blow it on gear for my recently respeced hunter!

its not hard guys, and if you ask me I will help you learn how, and wont charge for it either.

thats right free info and suggestion from me, and I may even be able to create a toon on your server to help you.

the most I will ask for is in game gold until I write my book/guide and actually publish it.

and I will help you make some first!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Simple Gold Gen, without being lvl 60+

This information will be a brief explanation of what I do with my toons working together and using the AH to my advantage to keep a steady flow of gold coming in so that I can get the stuff I want in game. (which costs alot when you play the number of toons that I do)

I suggest for the average player that you have a main that you focus on and an alt or two that you use to produce items to sell.

I began with a night elf hunter and still have him only gathering and leveling.
he is a miner and skinner, also cooking is high.

what I do is set a specific day or two each week to play him, just to gather and to level, and I play the alts alternating each day that i have time to play.

also even if I don't have time to play i log in to check mail at least once/day for each toon.

I only use 3 of them to post on the ah.

but I have all of the professions represented, and so I can use them together very well;
I can make a leather item for instance and send it to my blacksmith to make a rare item.
my cost... almost 0, I may have 15-50 silver in it but it sells on my server for 18-28G.

the reason my overhead is so low is that I gather the leather and ore myself, make it into what I want to sell myself, and if i don't have a part, i can log into my engineer and make it, LOL.

The reason that I chose to do it this way is that I want to enjoy playing, and not focus 100% on the gold generation, but I still need gold in game to advance toons, and keep up on gear so this is a happy medium for me.

I will however admit that i do often opt for the convenience of the AH and simply buy what can make an item more quickly, or to advance my alts enchanting for instance so that i can do more faster etc. but I still take advantage of my system in most cases.

I have all of my toons at max skill for all professions, and now when I play alts I don't have to worry about gathering, I simply play, quest and grind, and level to the next bracket; man is it fun!

If you are looking to take this and use the basic idea, then I suggest that you choose no more than 2 alts, and choose your favorite ( or the best selling) professions that you main gatherer can feed mats to. and gather away, don't forget to get bags and get big ones! Bag space is worth it, especially in the long run, now don't go buy a 20g bag for 200g, but keep an eye out for a deal and get at least 16 slot bags asap.